AREOUT DIY Power bank,18650 Battery box/case, usb charger for 18650 battery , with usb input output and indicator, for Mobile Phone/iPad/led flaslight/E-cigarette (green) (battery not includded)

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Capacity: 5600mAh
Output Current: 1A
Output Voltage: 5V
Size:3.94 inch * 1.77 inch * 0.98 inch
1, It is a very useful charger and power supply with Solid construction.
2, It is able to recharge one or two 18650 battery at a time. And your old batteries can be reused with it.
3, It has an auto on and auto off.
4, The USB port automatically turns on when an USB connected.
5, Good size for your pocket or purse, and works.
6, short circuit protection.
7, When it is connected to a USB power source, you’ll see the blue light on top flashing. It begins to load charge. Then reverse the cable – plug the main USB end into the port on top and connect the smaller end to whatever device you wish to charge. You’ll see a blue light come on indicating that power is leaving pack and whatever device is connected to it will show it charging.
Packing list:
1 X power bank charger for 18650 battery (battery not includded)
When put 2pcs 18650 batteries inside, the case/box like a petrol stations or on a high street, charging your mobilephone as a power bank.
It is easy to open and close the box housing when you need to charge 18650 battery.Able to recharge one or two 18650 battery one time.
With the USB output, it is a power bank to charge any USB device. With the micro usb input, it is a charger for 18650 battery.
Attention: please install the battery positive and negative side correct (check the guide picture or quick-installation manual), even though the case has polarity protection.
Please choose the correct 18650 battery,which has flat end on the positive side.The pointed-ended 18650 battery may not fit for this DIY case,because they have the little post on the positive side. The case will be small for those 18650 batteries.