EDC Core Rechargeable Electric Double Plasma Arc Flameless Wind Proof Cigar Cigarette Pipe Survival USB Lighter with Charging Cable & Gift Box

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Love Shiny Things? You’ll love the quality look, feel and finish to our arc lighter.

Set Anything Ablaze, the new design of the double arc at the top of the lighter opens up a world of possibilities you’re no longer limited by the hard to reach arc of older design plasma lighters.

From lighting tobacco products, to stoves, bbqs, starting fire pits, melting the ends of ropes or burning vampires, EDC Core’s electric lighter has got all your lighting needs covered! Save yourself hundreds in disposable lighters and buying butane to refill them all the time.

90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, when you’re happy, we’re happy. We are passionate about our products and thrive on bringing you the best quality Every Day Carry products. We love hearing your feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly, email us and we will answer your enquiry within 24 hours.

Keep Lighting, PeaceFUTURISTIC elegant electronic lighter of a more civilized age. Leave butane behind
REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY taken from the galaxy to power our blazing violet arc
WINDPROOF light up in the toughest conditions on the summit of Mount Everest with jet streams of unpredictable winds.
USB RECHARGEABLE via micro USB cable (included). To charge the long lasting lithium ion battery just plug it in like a mobile phone for 1.5 hrs then use it up to 300 sparks / weeks use
EDC Core is the only Legitimate Vendor of this item. We offer 90 day 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE with this product, if for any reason you are not happy, just let us know! We will give a full refund and heck you even get to keep the product