Foremost Popular Cute Laptop Stickers Skin Decal Vinyl Cover Apple Macbook Pro Air 15 Inch

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Feature of product Vinyl Sticker Skin Decal for Apple MacBook Mac Air Pro Unibody 15 Inch Laptop, 1 x 15″ Macbook Color Sticker, This unique solid color decal and sticker for MacBook is professionally-designed vinyl stickers, the designs integrate with the logo of Apple device, make your laptop unique, Easy application, Dustproof, Waterproof, Oilproof, Printed on the best vinyl material with long lasting and never fades. (5-7 years outdoors life), It will take some time and need patient to apply the sticker, If you do not have that time and patient then please do not buy it, I cannot responsible for any broken sticker that caused by improperly use, Please note this is a decal sticker which only covers the design area, it is not a full skin to cover the whole backside.Foremost Super-thin (0.09 mm) and the image integrate with the logo of apple devices
Precision-cut, perfect fit give your MacBook a new impressive looking
Can be easily removed and leaves no sticky residue, will not damage surfaces
Fit for MacBook Pro 15″ and MacBook Air 15″
100% Brand New and Satisfaction Guaranteed