LED Open Sign by Ultima LED: Electric Light Up Sign for Business Displays | 19″x10″ Digital Electronic Sign with 2 Flashing Modes | Great for Barber Shops, Bars, Liquor Stores | No use of toxic Neon

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Why Ultima LED?

Here at Ultima LED, we want to see your business flourish and succeed. Our lights are brighter, more affordable, environmentally friendly, and require hardly any maintenance.

We will give your business a boost with a brand new open sign that will attract hundreds of new customers and keep them coming back.

Our products are of the greatest quality, but if something does go wrong with your Ultima-LED, we have our customer support team dedicated to solving your problems and making your experience as smooth as possible.


Why this sign?

The best value for your business. The Ultima LED open sign is engineered with the customer in mind, providing the best quality LED sign at the most affordable price.

Easy to install and very reliable. These LED signs are carefully crafted to retain their brightness and will require little to no maintenance – we guarantee it!

Vibrant, long-lasting, and with four different designs available, we are certain you will find a sign that will brighten up your store. Choose the one that suits your style and your business.

We use the latest technology. Our sign does not use any outdated neon lighting. 100% LED technology means more brightness for less power, longevity with less upkeep, and less harm to the environment in comparison to neon open signs.


What comes with my purchase?

19″ x 10″ LED open sign with 2 different modes: static and flashing

built-in 4’7″ power cord (no batteries needed)

hanging chain to mount your sign

1 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee


So what are you waiting for? Outshine your competitors with Ultima LED

ATTRACT CUSTOMERS LIKE NEVER BEFORE: Ultima LED features top of the line open signs for attracting customers to your place of business, whether you own a bar, restaurant, liquor store, beauty salon, or any other kind of street shop. Outshine your competitors with this flashing sign and get new and returning shoppers flocking to your business.
4 MODELS WITH 2 FLASHING MODES: With 4 different designs, Ultima LED has a style perfect for you and your company. Choose a classic design that is tried and true, or wow your audience with a more colorful display. In addition, switch between two different modes, static or flashing, to attract all kinds of clients, in day or night.
EASY TO INSTALL: No complicated set up or installation. Just affix the hanging chain, plug in the 4’7″ built in power cord, and press the power switch to immediately brighten up your storefront window with your new, dazzling sign. Indoor use only.
LONG LASTING AND RELIABLE: Our digital advertising boards are carefully crafted to help your business stand out and flourish. The Ultima LED signs are more vibrant, consume less power, and are environmentally friendly. Long lasting means they will retain their brightness and will require little to no maintenance.
ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE: Although our products are of the greatest quality, we want to guarantee that you are satisfied with your product. That is why the Ultima LED includes a 1 year warranty, backed by a customer support team that will help replace your sign in case yours is damaged or malfunctioning.