Padgene Electronic Pulse Arc Cigarette Lighter with USB Rechargeable

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Can Connect the computer, Mobile phone charger, Any DC5V output voltage, Output current 1.0 A. Charging 2 hours later, You can use the 100-120 times.
Powered by a rechargeable battery, no gas/fuel is required.
Can be charged by using USB slot, and doesn’t need fill any fuel into it.
Does not create a flam, it is electrically operated and environmentally friendly.
Uses intense heat to light cigarettes.
Lights a cigarette in any weather.
Shake to induction lighter


Material: Metal
Net Weight:about 116g
Size: 8×3.7×1.3cm
Electric Arc Pulse: Single
Designs: Novelty, Relief Chinese Dragon


1. Arc pulse point of shioment, will produce a higher voltage, when the push button switch is turnedon, pls don’t not hand or explosive materials in the lighter arc middle.
2. Keep lighter where children can’t be reached.

Package List:

1x Lighter
1x Usb Cable
Shark to lit up the cigarette with easy, bring this lighter with you on flight
Can lit up 4 packages of cigarette when full-charged, the built in battery can be charged and discharged 500 times
It will take only 2-3 hours to get the battery full-charged. LED indicator will be on when charging
Windproof, flameless, safety, no gas and fluid required, energy-saving, can be kept on flight.
Connect to PC or DC 5V USB adapter for charging.