What you probably didn’t know about e-cigarettes and their manufactures

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What you probably didn’t know about e-cigarettes and their manufactures

Myth #1
Some e-cigarettes brands are made in the USA.

FALSE, 99.99% are made right there in Shenzhen, China.  To date, the only real e-cigarettes made in the U.S. are often called “mods”, which is short for “modified” and they are not really e-cigarettes, but vaping devices, and typically garage made or made in a small machine shop.

Myth #2
My e-liquid is 100% U.S. eliquid

FALSE most of the time. Many companies claim their e-liquid is made in the U.S. What they don’t tell you is that after it’s made, its shipped to China to be filled – so the quality, purity, and cleanliness is potentially compromised depending on which factory is doing the filling. Also, just because its “made” (AKA blended together) in the U.S. does NOT mean all the ingredients originate from the U.S. — and in fact, often they aren’t USA-made at all. US law allows the import of raw materials. Mixing foreign-sourced materials here in the U.S. technically means USA-made, but not (Cig2o?/ Vapage?).

Myth #3
(Insert random brand here) e-cigarettes the #1 e-cigarette company.

Unless they are naming Blu, Njoy  Cig2o or Vapage, they are outright lying. Blu was purchased last year by Lorillard (Newport cigarettes) for $135 million, giving them a spending advantage. NJOY took $20 million from some venture capitalists to help it grow. Cig2o and Vapage are actually manufactured by the same company, and are 100% privately owned and have tremendous distribution based mostly on the word of mouth from their customer’s experiences.

Myth #4
This e-cigarette contains 600+ puffs1!
Maybe, if your a mouse. Since the beginning of e-cigarettes, manufactures have been extravagant claims of how many “puffs” their e-cigarettes makes. In theory, a “puff” should be the same as a “drag” of a regular cigarette. The basic rule of thumb for any company that has integrity, ie; CIG2o & Vapage, would be that each traditional cigarette is worthy of 10 puffs. Of course this varies greatly on the user, but 10 is the average. Using the rule of 10, you can then calculate there are 20 cigarettes in a traditional pack, therefore each pack is 200 puffs (10×20=200puffs) The reality is, most companies use this for marketing and basically make up whatever number they want to print on their package.

Myth #5
You can “smoke” these anywhere
The truth is there is still somewhat of the smoking stigma attached to ecigarettes. Therefore many airline and some restaurants frown on it. The good thing is that if you keep a low profile, most people will not even realize your are vaping because there is almost no smell or second hand anything, just a little cloud of fog, literally, the majority of the ingredients are the same as those in a fog machine at Halloween time.

Myth #6
All ecigs are the same, just buy the cheap ones at a convenience store.
This is true, or almost true for about 95% of all mediocre e-cigarettes. The truth is MOST e-cigarette companies just buy “off the shelf” products manufactured by X, Y or Z factory. Therefore, they are very similar, and pretty bad tasting/preforming. CIG2O / Vapage was fortunate enough to be created by a truly experienced product development company with a long track history of making great products. Furthermore, they basically created their products to be the best, because that’s what they wanted to use for themselves.

Myth #7
All e-cigs cartomizers are equal to one pack of cigarettes
Most companies “claim” one cartomizer is equal to one pack of cigarettes. The reality is: a cartomizer is about three quarters of a pack of cigarettes.
Cartomizers produce about 200–250 puffs at 3 seconds with a diminished of taste after 150 puffs.
CIG2O / Vapage use a unique atomizer designed by our factory to give a consistent taste almost all the way to the end of the puff count–which is between 200 to 250 puffs.